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[F] Reply count when unapproved thread is edited [C-Rcpalace]
Something's very wrong with this.

See these 2 threads:

The reply count on the forum display page is out of sync with the number of replies, it's over-counting. Both of these threads were unapproved at some point. When the thread is unapproved, and you edit the first post, the reply count goes up by one. Also, if a post is unapproved, and then edited, the number of unapproved posts goes down by one from the forum display page.

Further confirmation can be found from this post onwards in a support thread:

To reproduce, make a thread, unapprove it, edit the first post a few times, and you'll see the reply count increases.

Happens here, and SVN. A r/c & r/b fixes it though.
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[F] Reply count when unapproved thread is edited [C-Rcpalace] - by Matt - 01-31-2009, 06:12 PM

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