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SimpleButtons - 9 Multi-color button sets
(2009-02-28, 11:02 AM)Mattalan Wrote: How long have you been making graphics??

Just FYI, you seem to be missing a <br /> in your index or index_boardstats template

What exactly do you mean by "making"? I'm not sure how to interpret the question.

Regarding the break, is that better now?

Edit: I'm guessing you're wondering how long I've known how to create graphics.. not necessarily how often I've been releasing them. I've been a Photochopper quite a while, I can edit, create just about any effect. As for releasing I only recently got into wanting to make graphics for others. Now that I've learned HTML and CSS in the past 7 weeks I can finally do some web design. Still more to learn though in the web design aspect... much more........

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