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Similar Thread Checker v1.0.1 [Admin Settings Added]
(2009-03-02, 03:00 PM)aglioeolio Wrote: amazing plugin, thanks man

it´s this something from Vb,IPB, etc or it´s an original idea? I´m installing this right now Big Grin

I have Big forum about Exams So I needed it.. original idea (:

(2009-03-02, 03:41 PM)atomicj Wrote: Question - Is there a limit to the number of threads that show up?

For instance, if I have 400 threads that start with "what" will it pull up all 400? or is there a maximum it will display?

Thread Limit is 10 for each keywords wich lenght>3 for now. I will add admin settings in new versions.

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