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[F] Orphaned attachment deletion [C-Imad Jomaa]
The orphaned attachments search finds attachments that were uploaded over 24 hours ago but not attached to a post. In this case there's a file in the uploads folder and an entry in the database. If you delete such an attachment the file remains on the server (It is found in a second search though because of the missing database entry).

The reason can be found in the file inc/functions_upload.php in the functions remove_attachment() and remove_attachments():
$mybb->settings['uploadspath'] by default is set to ./uploads. If you call the function from the ACP it tries to delete the file in ROOT/admin/uploads/.

A solution would be to use MYBB_ROOT or to differ like it is done in the function remove_avatars():
    $avatarpath = '../'.$mybb->settings['avataruploadpath'];
    $avatarpath = $mybb->settings['avataruploadpath'];
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[F] Orphaned attachment deletion [C-Imad Jomaa] - by Michael S. - 2009-03-27, 12:56 AM
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