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[F] Bug? Admins cannot see user list
I think I found a bug:

config: MyBB 1.4.4

* Attention * Disclaimer *
You might not be able to access your user list anymore after trying this out!

Go to Admin CP -> User & Groups -> VIEW (blue botton at the top right corner, beside "Search")

* Create a new View
* Define a name
* Set it this way that no user will match. Example: If you don't have any users "waiting for activation", set user group to "Awaiting Activation"
* Set View to Standard (!)
* Save
Now you'll get an error message telling you that no user matches.

Problem: You cannot revert the view. You see the error message only. You cannot see your user list anymore. You cant even set a user to "awaiting activation" in order to get rif of the error message (because the user list is not shown). It's like an dead end.
Workaround: Register a new user. As soon as he has the statius "awaiting user" you'll see him in the Admin CP and the VIEW button will be there.

Solution: The VIEW button must be displayed even if no user matches.

hope this helps,

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