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MysterChannel.COM is a brand new type of community service. As well known it use to be a But thanks to alot of help by some buddy, I have premium hosting and a TLD.

MysterChannel is all about entertainment.

Pronounce: My-stur)

Description and Keywords:
MysterChannel.COM represents entertainment for peoples online community pleasure. The key structure is of the term 'Channel' is simply a link. Think of it this way, you are watching TV and there is channels, why cannot the internet have channels? But, this is interactive. Not watching. Of course we have no shows, however category's instead. The category's can be the show and categorized as entertainment. Also there is TV where you can watch and relax at the same time, so that's why there is a community. The community is where you get to know the board and get along with everyone with it.

The keywords are the terms of our "shows." Sports, video games, music, TV, movies, websites, hosting, software, business, news, stock market, world wrestling entertainment (WWE), politics, the list goes on.... Endless of entertainment.

The long term goal that 'MysterChannel' needs to reach is its own company, although, things can change in between. It will mostly be a online community. Everything is free, but I am exceeding plans ahead to create premium, BUT, that will be a LONG time before that happens. It might be all free for a very long time. Again though that is a long term goal.

Short term goal is that the forum won't always be MyBB, in some point it will be vBulletin. But I am keeping it MyBB for now. Another short short term goal is launching 'MysterChannel WebAceess.'

WebAccess is one of my greatest creations coming soon, its an online little school where you may enroll and learn all about FTP, web design, coding (html, php, CSS, C++), and hosting. I will have volunteering instructors that will teach all these basic and advance techniques of starting a website or online business. The software is powered by Moodle. Though this project will not be launched in a long time, some time down the road it will be.

Questions you might have:

Where is your logo?
Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to making one yet. Sad I made one, but I misspelled it...Wow huh?

How old is your site?
Honestly its only been a week and a half its been up.

How many members have you got already? (if any)
I have 5. For certain reasons, i haven't really advertised it that much.

Are you looking for staff?
No, I already have a few staff members standing by. Sorry.

Why should I register?
Well, it would be generous of you, I haven't got much up on the site, its still growing. The board and WordPress blog is up. But again, i could use help getting activity, it will be might nice of you! Big Grin

Is there ads?
No, well.., not yet, once I get enough members I might have a donation and have people pay a donation to get rid of the ads. but nothing like that in the near future.

Is it free?
Of course! 24/7 none stop. Always free to every buddy. Big Grin

Is this a trustful website?
Yes and no, you make the decision, as far as I know, I won't sell your e-mail or personnel information to NO BUDDY! That's just wrong, my saying. I don't even ask more then just your e-mail address, and that's only for the board.

Well I hope you all consider it, hope to see you on there. Smile


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