MyBB 1.0 Released
Today, the MyBB Group presents you with MyBB 1.0. MyBB is a powerful, efficient and free forum package developed in PHP and MySQL. Developed with the end users in mind, you and your subscribers will feel right at home with full control over their accounts as well as your control over your forums.

MyBB 1.0 marks the end in along and painful process of various beta releases in our attempt to create a stable working copy of MyBB safe for use in production environments.

This release also fixes two sets of important security vulnerabilities discovered in MyBB. imei reported one set of vulnerabilities, which will not be made public under any advisory. The second set, discovered by tk fixes potential SQL injection problems with uncleaned variables. Coinciding with this release as an advisory outlining that these vulnerabilities exist, however no specific information will be released at this stage [details on affected arguments and files].

For this reason, we recommend all users update to 1.0 as soon as possible.

You may discuss this announcement here:

Thank you for your continued support,
Chris Boulton & MyBB Group.

New Features / Changes
We tried to keep the number of changes from PR2 to 1.0 at a bare minimum to ensure that new bugs weren't created. Noticeable changes include:
  • A "Find Updated" link in the templates section which allows you to identify any custom templates that you currently have which have been updated since your last upgrade.
  • A new default theme, based on ideas off Chris, Darren and Kilroy. The new theme includes an updated image set and logo.
Where to from here?
Several things are underway here at the MyBB Group. You'll be hearing more about this soon, such as where we're headed with MyBB now, as well as developments with documentation (the wiki), and team structural changes and new positions.

Upgrade Notes
Upgrading your board follows the same simple process that RC4 -> PR2 did.

You will not lose any changed templates if you're running PR2. Earlier versions require a full revert to the standard MyBB templates.

Assuming you're already running PR2:
  • Upload all of the MyBB files with the exception of inc/config.php, and inc/settings.php.
  • Run the upgrade script in your web browser at /install/upgrade.php.
  • After the upgrade is complete, login to your Admin CP and use the "Find Updated" tool in the templates section to search for any custom templates you have which may need to be updated. You'll need to update your custom templates to contain the new code, or revert them to the default.

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