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[] Advertisement suite plugin
Name: Advertisement suite
Description: The advertisement suite plugin provides you various settings for displaying advertisement. You can display ads at 5 different places at your board: In profile, on index, at the beginning of a thread (showthread), in the footer or between posts.
You can set which groups shall not see the advertisement for each place.
You can hide the showthread and between post advertisement on certain forums (by ID).
New (Upgrade to 1.1): Banner rotation function - enter multiple ad codes and seperate them with a | to display them randomly!
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Adds files: [yes]
Changes files: [no]
Adds templates: [no]
Changes templates: [yes]
Adds to database: [no]
Changes database: [no]

    Ads displayed every 3 posts (Watch out for "Advertiser")
    Advertisement in footer - can also be used as a copyright line or whatever
    Ads on index - At I do use it as a message for guests Wink
    Advertisement in profile
[not uploaded - 5 attachments max] Advertisement on showthread

    The settings - complete list. I know - a little bit long Wink

Please note that I marked the ads with a red border- this is just for the screenshots, not in the real plugin!

Download for subscribers:
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[] Advertisement suite plugin - by Lennart Sauter - 2009-06-24, 02:57 PM

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