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[] Advertisement suite plugin
labrocca - I did not steal your plugin, I replied to your PM immediately after I got it.
No idea why you are posting here now but anyway - you recieved my code and you can now check your plugin.

The settings are similar cause plugin has same function - but these settings aren't new- I used similar settings for my other plugins like the Premium attachment plugin (group settings are essential, necessary for almost every plugin I think) and the Hide suite.

Everything is basic Php and I think I prooved that I can work with Php with all my projects.

I hope you'll look into the code right now and I'll gladly accept your official excusion here.

Lennart Sauter
My Company - I am Microsoft Certified in HTML5, CSS3 and JS

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RE: [] Advertisement suite plugin - by Lennart Sauter - 2009-06-24, 08:19 PM

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