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Which site should I focus on and which should I drop?
I've got 3 projects I started but put off to focus on business ventures. I finally have some free time to allocate to one of these projects but I'm not sure which one so I'm looking for some guidance. Here's a breakdown of the projects:

www.Zorums.com - A forum for all things zombie related. This once had a good start and is probably the easiest to bring back to life... no pun intended. Big Grin

www.NightShifters.net - A forum to connect those of us who work the 3rd shift. I created this forum because I could not find a decent forum devoted to those of us who work the night shift and frankly, it gets really boring sometimes working the night shift so finding a community who can relate would be interesting in my mind.

www.PitBullFL.com - I created this site as both a community for pit bull owners in Florida and to provide pit bull awareness to non-owners. Thanks to the media pit bulls have a really bad reputation which is completely undeserved so my wife and I wanted to do something to help those who cannot help themselves.
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