What's the lowest amount of RAM for a VPS?
(2009-08-31, 01:24 PM)KuJoe Wrote: Well as an example my shared hosting accounts are limited to 8 processes at a time and after 15 minutes the process is killed.
In general, you don't run processes on shared hosting, rather, you use the installed Apache, MySQL etc.
Besides, you could theoretically easily get around time restriction by spawning new processes.

(2009-08-31, 01:24 PM)KuJoe Wrote: With a VPS you can use the same amount of CPU (well, not really, shared hosting has priority access to all cores while I have the VPSs restricted to 2 cores) as on shared hosting, but you are not limited by the amount or length the processes may run. Wink
Even if so, the CPU processing time is still restricted. I've seen some VPSes with absolutely horrible CPU allocation. Possible with shared hosting too, but, as I said, if you want CPU, you need to go dedicated.

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