PHP and \' [SOLVED] (changing wrong code)
@MrD.: I don\'t use stripslashes because it also removes the \ from \" which wreaks havoc when the user does eval("\$blah = \"" . $template->get("foobar") . "\";"); due to php variables (like {$title}) in the templates. It\'s the way MyBB does it, too.

@Tabbie: Wouldn\'t using $this->cache['$template'] look for an index named "$template"? I\'m looking for the index called whatever $template contains. Also, I\'ve tried using double quotes for the find and replace parameters, but I\'ll try it again.

EDIT: /facepalm. I just realized that I was editing the code that affected the templates, but what I really wanted was the code that affected something else. I've fixed it now and no longer have the \' problem.
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