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[Release 1.4.x] Go Ear Play List 1.0

Name: Go Ear Play List
Author: ghazal
Description: This Plugin will play music from . It will also embed musics from the same site in your forum's posts. You can listen music from without bieng interupted, and also while surfing the forum, webpage etc. because it play sound files externally, though linked to mybb page, but NOt embeded. Cool
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Files To Upload: 5
MyCode to Install: Yes
Files To Edits: None
Author is Responsible For Any Damage: NO
Author Provide Support For This Product: YES
License: Inside the License Folder
Copyrighted: All codes within the product is strongly copyrighted.


//---------- <--- Heart


I can be reached at with username ghazal

I guess that's it... Enjoy
Thank You

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[Release 1.4.x] Go Ear Play List 1.0 - by ghazal - 2009-09-06, 10:04 AM

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