Seperate Requests & Development for theming section?
(2009-12-03, 11:27 PM)Ryan Gordon Wrote:
(2009-12-03, 11:09 PM)Mark.M Wrote:
(2009-12-03, 12:59 AM)Dennis Tsang Wrote: The way I think of it, you usually have a request of some sort (or an original idea), and you develop based on that. It would be redundant to have a request thread, and to have to link to another thread in another forum for the continuation of that idea.

Then why is the plugin forum different?

Themes are usually just a "build-it-once-and-forget" for the most part, but plugins have a much higher need for maintenance. That is why it makes sense to have separate threads for plugins as there will be much more updates to them than themes.

Just FYI, what dennis stated was his own opinion, not the policy of the MyBB Group.

Ah i missed the i in that sorry.

I just suggested it because i have seen the rising number of theme thread. (Dev)
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