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this thread I want to use to provide a place for sharing pages made by Page Manager[Image: jump.gif].

Since version 1.4 it is possible to export and import custom pages. So it's very easy to include pages in your MyBB made by other Page Manager users. Because of the possibility to use PHP in pages I see no limitations in creating new pages (possible ideas: Imprint Page, Contact Form, [Google] Maps Page, Credits Page, Rules Page, complex Poll Page, ...).

Okay, let's go! Smile

First I will provide 2 simple pages which demonstrate how Page Manager works. Both pages produce the same results: A simple test page. But one of them uses the MyBB Template system (template.xml) and the other one uses PHP (php.xml) to create the page. Try it and take them as templates to start creating own pages.

Last but not least there is another demonstration page (parser.xml). It shows how to load the MyBB message parser with the help of PHP and parses some MyCode and a Smilie.

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