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(2010-02-27, 02:19 PM)faviouz Wrote: Perhaps listing all the page models (contact forms and such) in the main post would help, rather than reading the whole thread to find what you want.
Take your chance now, you'll have a hard time listing them all when this thread gets more than 20 pages.

Look here and you will see a list of all my "example pages":
My intention to start this thread was that everyone is able to share pages. But at the moment I'm the only one who provide new pages...

(2010-02-27, 02:19 PM)faviouz Wrote: And now I start to see how powerful this plugin can be, thanks a lot. The contact form is superb! I seriously hope you update this to 1.6 and keep supporting it.

It's already running under MyBB 1.6 (Beta).

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