one installation split across mutiple subdomains (beta testers needed)
okay so i finally got around to building a plugin that will take a SINGLE MyBB installation and limit specified categories to specific subdomains. all login works, at least when using a wildcard cookie domain and not a specific one as well as PMs, etc.

by default the plugin will setup "www" to show ALL forums. it also supports common categories that you want to be shown on all subdomains. just enter the category IDs into several subdomain entries

subdomains: www,food,drink
cat IDs: ALL|1,3,6,9|5,9

so the above will take the www subdomain and show all forums. the food subdomain will show categories 1, 3, 6 and 9. The drink subdomain will show category 5 as well as 9 just like the food domain.

so far I have tested it on 1.6 beta but I fully expect it to work on 1.4.x as well

all you need to do is have working subdomains that are directed to the domains root, not their own folder. so, before the plugin is installed, www.domain.tld and sub1.domain.tld and sub2.domain.tld, etc all need to show the same page.

the plugin takes the subdomain from the $_SERVER request and determines the categories that apply and modifies forum cache so the index page only shows the allowed categories and related forums for that subdomain. it also handles search forum list, view new, view today, etc.

only thing its not handling is find threads/posts from a user profile. that is next to fix.

later edits will update theme info for each subdomain so they can have their own unique looks.

so , anyone want to beta test on 1.4/1.6 versions? i can not help you with making subdomains work on your hosting account. once you have the subdomains you want to use setup as needed, then you can test.

i need 5-7 folks willing to test. one plugin file to upload, a few config settings to set, and that is it.

if you have questions about this please post up here. i will do my best to answer.

oh, and it will also change the 'bburl' variable in memory so all links stay within the subdomain
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