In my opinion this MyCode is really very epic. It allows you to give tips to your members while inside the post. So you can be giving a tutorial, and then say you need to buy these parts, use the tip MyCode (will display little button) and when your users click or roll over that image (depending on which HTML code you use) they can see where you can buy those parts, without you having to add more text to your tutorial. The uses for this MyCode are infinite.


Short Description:
Gives tips in popup window.

Regular Expression:

<a href="" onmouseover="alert('$1');return true;"><img src=""</a>
Roll over image to get popup window
<a href= "javascript:void(0);" "" onClick="alert('$1');return true;"><img src=""</a>
Click on image to get popup window

How to use it:
[tip]Your tips here[/tip]


This MyCode is also HIGHLY customizable. Instead of an image it can be a simple text, the popup window can be customized. If you need any changes please feel free to PM me or make a Post.

If you like my MyCodes and want to encourage me to make more/help me to start up for LIVE demo's & free support on all MyCode's please donate! Pm me for more details.

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