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Your Hosting Manager and Your Ideas Manager (YHM and YIM)

I'd like to talk about my two projects that I am working on.

YHM is an open source cPanel hosting app that has been designed from the ground up focusing on simplicity and ease of use. (like WHMCS, iPanel ETC)
YIM is an open source ideas management system that is designed to allow users to vote on certain ideas like the MyBB Ideas Site.

YHM is currently under heavy development and YIM has been released as Beta 1. Many new features are planned for Beta 2 to improve it's functionality.

We are also currently looking for staff (if you've seen the requests/services/jobs thread) to help us with the projects.

And finally the site itself is still being worked on so there are lots of empty/broken pages however the forums work fine Smile

So please register and help make the forums less... dead Toungue
Thanks, Polarbear541

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Your Hosting Manager and Your Ideas Manager (YHM and YIM) - by Polarbear541 - 2010-08-09, 10:00 AM

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