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[New] Pixel Meter(A cut above the rest.)
<snip image>
It just came out a few days ago(from scratch really), we worked hard and it is still needs to be edited a lot! If you want to help out contact me over forums. Meaning graphics, php, etc.

What is it about: It is about direct movie links, having fun talking to each other, direct music links and again just having fun posting. This forum could really kick off with dedicated members. So, hopefully you the reader will be one of them. We look forward to seeing more people.

Link: <snip>

What you should do: Register post around the forums and help our community grow. But, you are not obligated to do that.

Soon to Come:
Genres Organizes
Customize all gfx!

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[New] Pixel Meter(A cut above the rest.) - by Th3SiNz - 2010-08-24, 01:26 AM

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