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[For 1.6] cpmUserLink v1.1 - Links to bridged Coppermine
Now available on the mods site at

cpmUserLink is a simple plugin that creates links to user's albums in a bridged Coppermine gallery. If a user has a public album(s) in a bridged Coppermine gallery, this plugin will create a link to the albums in the postbit under the user details (location, numberposts, etc) as well as in the user's profile.

The postbit links are a simple display of the number of public albums the user has, such as "User Albums: 2" and will create a link to the user albums in CPG.

The profile links are a new table on the profile page under the Additional Info table that lists, by name, each individual public album the user has.

Both postbit and profile links are optional.

There are no new templates as the postbit itself gets modified and the profile side reuses existing templates for consistency and ease of install/uninstall

Also, the plugin supports CPG installations that are in databases separate from your MyBB.

Screenshots below
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