New Post - AUTOSAVE functionality? for accidental BACK/FORWARD clicks?
So, i just set up a new myBB, and i have to say, it is by far the best easiest to install, and nicest looking dashboard of any that i've been researching (well done community, well done!)

I just had one question for a function that would/could be really useful that happened to one of my first users almost instantly after installing.

I am using my board for creative project management (and it's secure so i can't share it due to Non-Disclosure Agreements w/ client stuff. yada yada yada...)

Upon the first posting , a user accidently closed their browser window on accident (CTRL+W) and lost his current post he was writing...

Was wondering if similar to how GMAIL functions, gmail auto-saves your draft (as well as OSX Mail can do ive noticed) incase something like this happens?

So if the user returns to login back into the forum, they can have a draft(s) option they can return to?

Please let me know if something like this already exists, I've searched these forums and google a bunch but have not found exactly what I was asking for...


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New Post - AUTOSAVE functionality? for accidental BACK/FORWARD clicks? - by mrburnstv - 2010-08-25, 09:25 PM

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