[REQ] Mod for imageshack like this [Awesome]
i was just searching for any imageshack or tinypic or photobucket mod/plugin for my forums that are hosted on mybb but i m unable to find one. today i was just searching the web and found a SMF Mod
Its name is [Simple imageshack] i tested it on some forums who has installed it and let me tell you some thing this Mod is Just AWeSOME. The best thing is that it does not open a new window. all you need to do is just choos the image you want to upload and and thats it.
i hav installed the screenshots of this mod

now can someone tell me any mod like this for mybb or can someone create one like this?

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[REQ] Mod for imageshack like this [Awesome] - by Alish - 2010-08-30, 12:21 AM

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