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Do you like to swim? Join the discussion at Swim Forums!
Hey guys,

I created Swim Forums a while ago, but due to time restraints, I kind of neglected it and it died. Now, I have decided to bring it back!

Swim Forums has gone through a bunch of changes, starting with a brand new look! (The Cure with some minor changes). Now, this usually goes against my no-premade themes rule, but the theme just seems perfect for a swimming forum, and with a few minor modifications it looks great.

Swim Forums is a community for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers and coaches. Whether you swim 2 hours a day, or just on the off weekend in your friend's backyard, there's something in this forum for you. General discussion is always there for people that don't know much about swimming, but as you learn you are welcome to join in.

I hope that a few members from MyBB join and help make it active again. I do have high hopes for this forum Smile Members get to browse the forums completely ad free.
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Do you like to swim? Join the discussion at Swim Forums! - by Zash - 2010-09-04, 05:47 PM

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