[REQ] Insert username in threads/posts.
Hi, I've looked for this everywhere, I'm sure it's possible to do it in MyCode :
I'm looking for a code that will insert your username in the post or topic you are reading, just like your name is inserted in the header ("Welcome back, AliaErenel.") but inside a thread.

Something like this :
Quote:This is an important invitation ! Hi {username}, how would you like to do that ?
Where {username} would be replaced by your own username.

I'm managing a roleplaying forum and it would be nice if members could use that code to enhance their story, announcements, and to get the reader's attention.

Hopefully it can be done, thank you for everything !

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[REQ] Insert username in threads/posts. - by AliaErenel - 2010-09-13, 04:40 PM

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