Not Solved How can I move and Remove Forum, threads, post, last post.
Not Solved
I want to take that row with the Forum, threads, post, last post and move it to the top of the category name row. And I only want it to appear once at the very top. I'm starting to figure out some of the stuff it's just taking me a bit. It being my first attempt I epect it to take me a little while with many mistakes so please bare with me. But if people like it when it's done hopefully it can be put up as a template. BTW the orange template example shown below is just an example. It's not how my template is going to look in the end as I plan to keep the red and blue theme for the forums then add to it with the banner and darker areas.

Here are my examples.

What I am working on is here

Example is here

Also if possible how can i move where it says no posts to the center. And also how can I make those rows that say General, Entertainment, etc. How can I make that row just a little smaller so it's not so big.

Thank you very much.

Oh here is a small version of what I am working on trying to get to.

The phpbb stuff won't be there of course but as I said i originally was trying to work with that. So far this is much better to work with I can say that much.

A way to delete the space in between categories would also be nice but i think it should still look ok without it.

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