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Not Solved problems
Not Solved
Ah, I see.

Well I was thinking about that too, and seeing as the converter hasn't been made yet I'd be quite happy to chip in $50USD just to make sure that it's on it's way through to completion within a few weeks.

I know a few friends with PunBB forums who would love for the merger to be also, considering it would affect a large group of people (PunBB forums gone zzzz). I understand if you have other jobs on at the moment, but if you want to take me up on my offer then it'd be really appreciated.

Also looking for some private jobs to be done with my MyBB site, as my coder has been busy for a while, if you(/anyone's) interested in them too.

Edit:// Just noticed your sig about Skin City Designs, sounds like a good business for me to go with on some jobs. Smile

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