Not Solved Someone please clear this up for me!
Not Solved
I just started with MyBB, it is the first customization project for me. It seems very simple and intuitive, but I am confused about something.

How do I know I am editing the right item without destroying a necessary item.
Here is what I mean:

In the images directory there is the file off.gif for example. If I open the file it is obvious what it is. Simple enough. If I edit it, it get's edited. No problem.
If I want to do this, it does so for the entire forum. How can I edit it for a custom theme. Do I just add a new file to the same directory and change the filename? Do I copy the images directory and rename it? and etc.
There is no way to create a duplicate theme with an images directory?

Anyway, before this post turns stupid, my real question is this -

After a default installation of MyBB. What do I need to do to create a new theme from scratch, and NOT interfere with the default theme. What is the best way to do this. I don't need instructions on how to edit.
Also, how do I save my theme once it is edited. The only thing I found was an xml export import.

Again, someone that has actually and properly created a theme, please explain how you kept it organized, where you saved your images and etc.

I want to make sure I don't break my forum in the process.

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