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Not Solved [How To?] Noparse
Not Solved
(EDIT) The below I posted earlier but I have now found a way to make it work but I need to open inc/functions_post.php. I can find this on filezilla but have no idea on how to open it. Can anyone help


I am extemely sorry if this is somewhere else but I have spent 10 minutes looking and have found nothing.

On my forum I want to create a guide about the BBcodes that run on the site. The thing is, as you already know, when you type a code it will do its job! But I want to be able to show the code and for it not to do its job just for this guide.

Its easy enough to enter the code incorrectly so it wont work just by puting a space in but it doesnt look professional enough for a guide.

On other forums you are able to use the noparse bbcode. This stops another bbcode from doing its job and generally looks like this

Heres an example- [noparse]Text here[/noparse]

If the noparse was to work users would see [b]text here[ /b] instaed of the above example (I have put the space in to be able to show it)

Can anybody help? If it is simply a different bbcode to use then that is great. If there is a simple mod installation then that is fine as well but if I have to go into the sites coding and insert things myself I my be stuck as I am not good at that unless it is really simple!

Thanks in advance

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