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I have a forum which will be an event forum. I have already used XThreads to add an event date and location to each thread. I prefer this to using the calendar. What I want to add to each thread is under the first post, an attendance mod where people can specifiy if they will attend or not (with a yes, maybe, or no). They can also add a short comment.

I have already developed this mod for SMF but have since discovered MyBB and personally think it is the better forum software and am moving to it. I found writing the mod for SMF fairly easy but am finding it a little bit more of a struggle in MyBB (even though overall I think plugin development in MyBB is better structured and more easily encapsulated). This is because I don't know AJAX or Javascript in much detail yet.

I can post a screenshot of my SMF mod later.

Basically it is a list of the current votes of yes, maybe and no. Then a form below this with a listbox with yes,maybe,no in it, a comment text box and a submit button. When the member clicks on the submit button, their uid, the topic id, their status (yes,maybe,no), comment and time of submitting is written to my own table. This is the bit I cannot get to work.

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