Not Solved I am trying to figure where this code is located
Not Solved
I need help I am customizing my website and cannot find the box that contains my website name anywhere, so that I can remove it or modify it. Any help would be appreciated.

I have no coding experience yet, but have been playing around with html, css, and php and still learning, so I am a novice.

Here is the image below I cannot find it on the stylesheet or the template sheet.

[Image: snapshotofthebutton.png]

The button is not attached to the navigation part its seperate and overlaps it. Its like a little hoovering box. Its blocking the User cp, Mod cp buttons.

[Image: snapshot2.png]

Heres the other pic of what it does when I go into an actual forum.
I found it after a lot of trial and error saving and looking back and forth form the editor and website. It was in the template sheet section, navigation, nav. Hope this will help anyone else also. As i am still learning how to code and stuff.

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