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Not Solved [Upgrading] Cannot recount & rebuild on large forum
Not Solved
I have recently spent 14 hours converting my 800,000+ post forum to mybb but i cannot rebuild the cache's for threads posts etc;

Everytime i try via the acp it just says: Click "Proceed" to continue the recount and rebuild process.

But has a button underneath saying Automatically Redirecting.. that i cant click and it just directs me to a blank page after a minute or so.

This is a problem i need need fix asap as none of the threads are showing up on index, everybody's postcounts are 0 and the stats are not showing up.

Apart from that, you have a great conversion/merge system compared to the competitors ( the post's left to convert counter go's a bit wonky after a while though Toungue ). I tried converting to IPB and it has failed everytime.


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Cannot recount & rebuild on large forum - by SHX - 2011-06-14, 01:25 PM

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