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[Service] Free MyBB Setup and Configuration
Hello Everyone,

I'm currently offering my services to setup your MyBB forum and customize it with any amount of plugins you need. I will configure your forums to how you want them, even install themes of your choice from the mod database. This is a free service, so it doesn't cost you a cent. If you have any questions about this service just reply to this topic or ask me via private message.

I will only be taking on three clients at a time, so be patient.

What I do:
  • Forum installation and setup
  • Forum security
  • Plugin installation and setup
  • Theme installation and configuration
  • MySQL sessions table fix

What I don't support and do:
  • I will not provide setup for any forum related to blackhat seo or hacking.
  • I will not create categories and forums or be involved with your website any further then a simple setup.
  • I will not support any kind of theft or stolen plugins/themes setup.

Current Clients:
Slot 1: N/A
Slot 2: N/A
Slot 3: N/A

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