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need custom theme for mybb forum
Hello Admin/Mods

i need a custom theme for my forum
i am giving you a sample for the color scheme:
i need this color scheme for body section except header, for header you choose what colour you prefer.

since at this site you will not have a look of forum section so i am giving you another site made by same man:

i am also attaching a image i which i have described about the changes you have to make.
[Image: 43ba61.png]

while making theme you would have to consider about ad spaces also .
i need theme to be elegant, efficient and professional, while making theme you would also have to consider about page loading time, so not bulky theme.
job also includes logo, icons and custom editor.

Reply me if you are willing to do this job along with the price{my budget for this project is somewhat tight} for this work asap. because i need it urgently.

you can contact me at
[email protected]
[email protected]


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need custom theme for mybb forum - by abhikala1 - 2011-07-22, 05:42 PM

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