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Updated - Thanks Chris
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Everyone upgrade. Don't hesitate. We make these releases for a reason.

Edit: And someone needs to update the "Latest News" Rolleyes
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Give me some time - not feeling the best plus my connection is currently capped so I can only work at half the pace I usually do.

thanks chris, i just updated my forums.
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I have new user registered: makpaolo. Should I remove his account since there was a mention of this nick on the 1.1.5 update?

I cannot update the board until late afternoon. I closed it up for the time being. The question is, if the board is closed is there a potential thread to get to it anyway?

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks, will get upgrading ASAP!

Thanks Chris...I'd also like an email from the newsletter everytime one of these updates happens. I did subscribe for a reason, nahh mean. Sad
Just Updating. Smile
Thanks. Smile

What tool did you use for auditing? I would like to try it out, because I am custom coding a large site, and I would not like to have any security exploits on my site. Smile
If I have a custom theme installed do I have to do anything extra to make it so that theme has the latest version as well?
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