Not Solved Positioning Logo and Top Links [DarkFusion]
Not Solved
I'm having trouble editing the theme to my liking, enclosed are how the theme looks at the moment and a mock up of what I'm aiming for.

[Image: jA7rFccDpkL9x.png]

[Image: jb0DNC5zDB5in7.png]
Would that kind of edit be all .css side?

.logo {
        height: 61px;
        width: 371px;	
       	margin-top: 150px;
	margin-left: 17.5px;
        padding: 1px 5px 50px 50px;
The above is the current css for the logo that made the "before" image.

The forum is primarily offline and on localhost so I cannot provide a link.
I want to learn how to create MyBB themes but don't have the time, what do?

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