Not Solved Positioning Logo and Top Links [DarkFusion]
Not Solved
(2011-10-12, 02:32 PM)ranjani Wrote: try this for logo in global.css AND hard refresh your forum page (use CTRL + F5 a couple of times)
.logo {
margin: 40px auto 0;

AND if you need the menu links to be moved to left then you have to change
<div class="header_right">
<div class="menu">


<div class="header_left">
<div class="menu">
Thanks the logo part worked perfectly!
But there was a small issue with the second part concerning the menus:
This is how it currently looks and the green part is where I'd like the toplinks to be, please advise.
[Image: jx03yJZr6VrkP.png]

PS. Also I appreciate you're having some problems on your end, so take your time!
I want to learn how to create MyBB themes but don't have the time, what do?

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