[REQUEST] WYSIWYG Mod [demo mod inside]
I'm working on something similar for my private website. The problem is that with using normal javascript, it refreshes after a second button is pressed, e.g.: if you type in "hello, how are you doing", you'll only see "hello, how are you doin". Then when I use AJAX instead, that problem is solved, but it has to make a request everytime. Now, that doesn't really take up much of the server load. The other problem is IE (off course). The backspace doesn't work in IE (it does the same as I wrote above about the normal javascript) but I'm working on it.

I currently have this online here: http://smethead.louhabs.com/orjan/comments.php?bid=1.
It hasn't been updated with the version on my own pc for a while. (You can't post anything because I removed the insertion file for security reasons)

I don't have all bb-codes working yet. And yes, the smilies are those from MyBB, because I needed some smilies quick. I'll design my own later

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