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Not Solved Several problems in a Mybb forum upgraded from 1.4.2 to 1.6.4
Not Solved

I have several problems in my MyBB forum.

I have created a new MyBB forum for testing the problems.
The creation protocol is this one :

a) I have got a Ve-hotexch VHS-4 server in which I install a Mybb forum in 1.4.2 version. This version works.

b) I update this forum from 1.4.2 to 1.6.4. For this, as 1.4.2 doesn't appear in the install tool, I define in the install tool 1.4.3 to 1.6.4 as suggested in another post in this forum.

c) I update french part too.

The entire process tooks only a few minutes, so I can execute it as many time as needed.

There are different problems. One of them is :

When I save parameters for a user account, I obtain this message :

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'remember' in 'field list' Query: UPDATE myBB3_users SET email='[email protected]', postnum='0', usergroup='2', additionalgroups='', displaygroup='0', usertitle='', signature='', website='', icq='0', aim='', yahoo='', msn='', birthday='', style='0', timezone='0', dateformat='0', timeformat='0', language='french', allownotices='1', hideemail='0', subscriptionmethod='0', invisible='0', dstcorrection='2', threadmode='linear', showsigs='1', showavatars='1', showquickreply='1', remember='', receivepms='1', pmnotice='1', daysprune='0', showcodebuttons='1', pmnotify='0', showredirect='1', tpp='0', ppp='0' WHERE uid='2'
Please contact the MyBB Group for support.

My configuration is :

server Ve-hotech VHS-4 first generation
MyBB : 1.6.4
PHP : 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.5
SQL : MySQL 5.1.41
Could you help me ?

Thanks by advance

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Several problems in a Mybb forum upgraded from 1.4.2 to 1.6.4 - by romuslus - 2011-10-30, 09:59 AM

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