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Not Solved Minimum post for Signature and Live Link
Not Solved
[I might have posted it in wrong section? Sorry for your trouble. Should have gone with Plugin and Feature request. Kindly move the thread]
Hi, First of all thanks for taking time and reading the thread. I have googled and figured out few mods that does allow an ACP option to disallow users bellow certain post to use signature and live link.
1>Signature Control (1.1_03)
This plugin limits the use of signatures for users.
Created by Tom K.
2>Automatic Signature Removal (0.2)
Removes signatures from users if they contain urls when they have under the required post count
Created by Goughy000
3>Enable Signature on Groups Basis (1.0)
It adds an options for groups to use signatures.
Created by bubulang

And So on.

Now my site is hosted in a shared hosting which is Using MySql 5.5

None of the plugins seems to work with MyBB 1.6.4

Either they give incompatibility error or MySQL error. Can you please suggest me a working mod which works with Newer MySql Version where plugin does not put gid =NULL?

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Minimum post for Signature and Live Link - by rupam das - 2011-10-30, 04:32 PM

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