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Alright, give me honest responses guys. Be brutal. (Or not, that's fine too! Wink)

I realize there's no content, that's what happens when you have no members. Heh. BUT, besides that how does it look?

[Update: 11/14/2011]
To get the forums more active and add content I started a contest a couple of days ago, but so far hasn't caught on. So I figured I'd post here hoping to get some interest.

Basically all you have to do is post. Person with most posts wins a FREE domain - $9.99 and below other from NameCheap. (.com/.net/etc.)

2nd place person wins $5 via PayPal!

There is a catch, right now it's only limited to the Grand Theft Auto sections (it is a GTA site and all), so posts in the off-topic section won't count. I may reverse this depending on whether or not I feel that's what needs to be done. I'd rather not have a bunch of random topics in the chat section, though. But honestly, you don't even have to be a GTA fan to get posts. You can just leave replies to other topics.

*domain will be transferred to the winner's namecheap account*

See here for details, or to ask questions:
[Image: logo.png]

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