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DyMy User Agent - Browser & OS Icons in the postbit!
DyMy User Agents

Requirements: cURL preferred, but since I'm using MyBB's built in fetch_remote_file(), it will fallback & should work w/out it.

Using the API at I've created a new User Agent plugin. It includes images (for now) from the older User Agent plugin since those were all public domain, however I plan on switching to PNG as a higher quality image type than GIF.

Since there are multiple releases (which are all just additions to the same old plugin, including once by the original author... ugh...) of the old User Agent Plugin, I've made it so that you can keep the original data from that plugin:
Deactivate and remove it. Do not uninstall it.
Remove it completely, that includes all language files, admin panel files, image files, and plugin files that came with the older plugins.
Upload the files from my package to the MyBB Root.
Activate my plugin.
Continue to use as normal.
Report any issues in this release thread.

I'm also pleased to announce that this is the first plugin to use the template system to its full potential. You can edit your templates, upgrade the plugin, and use the find updated templates feature to take care of business!

Screenshots to come soon!

Old plugins that this is a virtual successor to (all the same plugin really):
Do not download the above links, they're for credit (inspiration and images) only!

  • Rework all images from scratch. GIFs suck. I want PNGs.
  • Change the compatibility method so that I can eliminate duplicate images (Yes, I know they're there!)
  • Add any missing browsers and operating systems as they're reported. There are a lot. Such as Linux Mint and the W3M browser... not to mention Links, eLinks, Lynx, etc...
  • Probably write a "conversion on install" script to eliminate compatibility mode completely once I get the plugin fully stable.
  • ACP pieces, including group permissions, a log, and the ability to view the actual user agent strings.
  • Add a check for no data, and if there is none then do not set an image.

Let me know if there are any Browser or OS images you need supported right away that I don't have in there. Oh yeah! Unlike the previous plugins that were written to do this, mine (when you add new icons) is retroactive, since it stores the actual string for lookups.

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