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DyMy User Agent - Browser & OS Icons in the postbit!
(2012-02-09, 11:10 PM)inbetwee Wrote: Some bugs report the plugin is not showing the os from windows vista its looking for images/useragent/os/windows%20vista.gif but the vista picture is not showing the same whit the iphone. And when a posting whit windows explorer 8.0 it say`s windows internet explorer 6 or below.

Ok, the Vista bug is fixed, but I need more information for the IE8 issue. Is it showing the older IE icon, or the newer? Is it just saying it's IE6 or below in the tooltip popup? Lastly, I need more details on what the iphone icon is doing. Thanks!

Also, in the next version the gif images are done away with, and all images are png for better quality (most were png with a gif extension anyways).

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RE: DyMy User Agent - Browser & OS Icons in the postbit! - by Dylan M. - 2012-02-10, 02:28 AM

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