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DyMy User Agent - Browser & OS Icons in the postbit!
(2012-02-10, 09:39 AM)inbetwee Wrote: I did a posting whit a tablet it shows the iphone gif not on the postbit?only a cross?
The IE6 is in the tooltip popup.

iphone icon will only show up if you use an iOS device, and maybe not always then (already fixed for next release)

For the IE8 issue, it is showing the correct "new" IE icon, but the wrong tooltip? That should also be fixed for the next release.

Also, the next release will be getting a lot more testing over Friday and Saturday before its published than the previous releases combined.

It will have (as of now) 66 browsers and 37 operating systems supported. That will go up though since I'm still waiting on a couple of icons before adding a few more to it.

It will also include a huge amount of new support for mobile user agents including BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, several more "Mobile" browsers including Opera Mobile, Fennec (aka Firefox Mobile) and more.

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