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DyMy User Agent - Browser & OS Icons in the postbit!
Also, for those using this, you can do images yourself for anything you wish to add. Just create your image, and then name it (lower cased, and in png format) whatever returns for your OS or Browser that you're making. For example, this is the API URL & return value for FireFox on Windows 8:

agent_type=Browser;agent_name=Firefox;agent_version=16.0.1;os_type=Windows;os_name=Windows 8;os_versionName=;os_versionNumber=;os_producer=;os_producerURL=;linux_distibution=Null;agent_language=;agent_languageTag=;

As you can see, it returns "os_name=Windows 8", which then for the filename becomes "windows 8.png"

For getting the information back yourself, you can do:<user agent string>
Replacing <user agent string> with the actual string that you can find in your database record for the post which is missing an icon.

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RE: DyMy User Agent - Browser & OS Icons in the postbit! - by Dylan M. - 2012-12-18, 10:33 PM

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