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Whitelist of allowed email addresses - how?
Hi all,

new to MyBB, and absolutely blown away! I can not believe I did not know about MyBB for so long, bad user error on my part.

Tried searching the forums, of course, but couldn't really find my answer, so here goes:

I am setting up forums for a group of people with a known number of individuals who might want to join (around 20.000). Also, I have all their email addresses (legally!).

This makes it highly desirable for me to be able to create a whitelist of email addresses, specifying which email addresses exactly can be used to create a user account, and disallowing all other email addresses to be used.

Under these specific circumstances of this known user group, it seems the logical thing to do, and would surely provide a level of spam prevention that is unparalleled.

Is it possible to do this? How do I do it best?



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Whitelist of allowed email addresses - how? - by Mariku - 2012-02-04, 07:40 AM

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