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Not Solved Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page
Not Solved
Hello everyone,

I want to fix the next option but how haha.
I have moderators on the forum that have also a status as BETA tester.
On the forumteam page you see the admins and moderators and I have set that the group BETA testers also need to be visible to the forum team page.

But the moderators visible group is moderator and now the moderator is not showing up in the BETA testers group on the forum team page because the visible group is set on moderator.

Now I want to set that also the additional usergroups are visible on the forum team page, so if I set the BETA tester group as additional group that this one also shows up at the forumteam page as Beta tester.

How can I do this someone that can help??

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Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page - by GalaxyFreak - 2012-02-12, 08:11 PM

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