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Not Solved Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page
Not Solved
Works, but I have found a little bugg in it, maybe you can fix this???

I have set visible to the teampage

Normal Moderators
BETA testers

In the group Normal Moderators are NO users, but now on the teampage the BETA testers and the Moderators are showing in the Normal Moderators group but the are not set in this group!!

So can u fix that so that the users only visible at there groups that I set..

Now of a moderator have a green username his name shows on every usergroup in green on the teampage, is it maybe possible to gif the user in each usergroup the color of the usergroup??
So if the moderators group is green his name there is green and if the BETA testers are purple his name is purple???

Thanks, I hope you can fix part one, en make my question Big Grin

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RE: Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page - by GalaxyFreak - 2012-03-20, 01:10 AM

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