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Not Solved Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page
Not Solved
(2012-04-24, 12:43 AM)GalaxyFreak Wrote: ????????????

Hmm, sorry, I missed this. I have a problem at the moment that I cannot access my FTP, so I cannot edit the showteam.php.

I will switch this page on for a couple of hours and then I will turn it off.

It would help a LOT if you could be specific about what you want each row/usergroup to contain. Try and be as clear as you can because I have to say I find your requests to be a bit unclear.

This list (as you can see) is not styled.

What it does do is show the admins, the mods and the uploaders. You will see that some of my uploaders are ALSO mods/admins so it is showing the users in each group regardless of whether they were in a previous group on the page.
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