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What is your feedback regarding Cloudflare?
I saw the appboy.com article shortly after taking the time to move several test sites to Cloudflare. I think Cloudflare has had amazing growth and will be an interesting story to watch.

Some people have a dramatic improvement, so they are 'sold' and less likely to be concerned w/ possible negatives. Others like 'TheGarfield' are not likely to have a positive review of CF any time soon.

I'm open-minded and am glad to see Cloudflare making improvements.

(03-01-2012, 09:50 PM)damoncloudflare Wrote: ....
""always online""
This feature has a number of limitations. We are working on a better version so these limitations go away.

Stale content:
The general cause of this would be users making changes to static content and not enabling Development Mode first to bypass the cache. If you do not do this, then you might see stale content for a few hours until the cache refreshes (you can also purge your cache as an additional option).

Hi, thanks for the time to answer.

Glad to hear upgrades are coming to the "always online" service.
My reference to "stale content" ((....and "false positives" (serving stale content at the wrong time) when using their "always online" feature.)), was related to the 'always online' incorrectly deciding the target site is off-line.

Development Mode: Would be nice to see and option for less than 3 hours. Smile

(03-02-2012, 03:53 AM)labrocca Wrote: I added 3 more of my sites today to CF. I run it on MyBBCentral and SupportForums with little complaints and certainly many positives.

Their DNS imho is awesome and on some sites I only use their DNS service. You simply can't beat what they offer for free....

Nice review labrocca.
How do you set it for "only use their DNS service?" I've been setting the security low (to keep real users from being blocked), and adjusting some of the cache settings.

You can use it as DNS only?
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